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Saturday, June 9, 2012

WANTED for our classroom!
There is a new look in the PAL classroom. We have been working hard to create a clean uncluttered look. Two things that are standing out as needed items are Flat Screen Monitors and a Six Meter Radio. Flat screen monitors are reasonably priced these days and can be bought brand new for about $100.00! Not much to invest in a modern classroom. Stop in and see what we are doing these days. Oh, and drop off a flat screen!

- Mike -
1:52 am est

Monday, May 28, 2012

ARRL Weekly VE Testing

The Yonkers PAL Ham Radio Club holds ARRL FCC VE Sessions every Saturday at 2:00 PM. The fee is $15.00, bring 2 forms of ID, 1 must be photo ID. If upgrading a current license bring in any CSCE's and your original Amateur license as well as a copy. If you need study guides we have the Gordon West books at discounted prices and will personally mentor all who asks for help. For info call the Yonkers PAL Ham Radio Club at 914-375-1080 or Michael Rapp at  914-907-6482.
7:49 am est

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    This club is open to all. Licensed amateur operators as well as anyone who want's to learn. We operate a complete station that all may operate. Sit for a short time with us and soon you will be talking around the world!


Yonkers Amateur Radio & Computer KidZ, Inc. is an active member of the American Radio Relay League "ARRL" Hudson Division.
We are also a member of WY5I and a FCC VE & test station.

Did you know that "FM" was invented in Yonkers?

The first "FM" broadcast was made on
 November 5th, 1935 from station W2XAG,
blocks away from the PAL.
 On November 5th, 2011 we celebrated
the 76th anniversary by transmitting from
 the PAL as a Special Event station
using the same call sign... W2XAG!

Solar Conditions:

The Yonkers PAL Ham Radio Club is a proud member
 of the Citizen Weather Observer Program. We are
 also Skywarn Weather Spotters. For more info
 and to find out when the next SkyWarn class will
 be held visit the National Weather Service web site,
 Call the PAL Ham Radio Club at 914-375-1080
or write



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The Yonkers PAL Ham Radio & Computer Science Classroom educates children in the lifelong hobbies of Amateur Radio & Computer Science. The $21.00 study manuals and the $15.00 FCC exam fee is paid for by club members. Please help a young person learn a great hobby! Thank You!

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